If you find the truth, will you believe it?

If any man desires to do God's will, he will have the needed illumination to recognize, and can tell for himself whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking from myself and on my own accord.  John 7:17 

The Deity



Elohim’s Word shows us TWO DIVINE BEINGS in the Deity.  Elohim the Father is the greatest Being in the Universe Who designed and created it all . . . existing from everlasting to everlasting.  He is immortal.  Yahuwah or Elohim, the Father, is the only One, eternal, immortal, self-existent and Almighty Elohim.  Elohim means THE Supreme Being and His name Yahuwah means THE eternal self-existent ONE.

Yahushua, Elohim’s Son, was the first and only begotten Son of Elohim.  He had a day of beginning.  He is not eternal . . . there was a point in the distant past when He was “begotten.”  He was the One Who then created all other things through the power given to Him by His Father. 

He was the Father’s spokesman and visible representative to man in the Old Testament times.  He eventually came to the earth in human flesh to become man’s Substitute, Example and Sacrifice.  While on the earth, He was the human Son of Elohim Who always referred to Himself as the Son of man.  He was the pre-incarnate Word made human flesh.  Since His resurrection, He has been highly exalted and given immortality . . . something He did not have before.  He is now the immortal Son of Elohim . . . possessing all the fullness of Deity.  All the fullness of Elohim’s nature now resides within the being of the resurrected, glorified Messiah.  This was all a part of Elohim’s eternal plan foreordained from before the foundation of the world and the Creation of the Universe.  He is always referred to in the Scriptures as the Son of Elohim and never as Elohim the Son and is now referred to as the Son of man.

The Holy Spirit is not a third Entity in the Deity.  The Holy Spirit is the Spirit or life-force of Elohim.  Both the Father and His Son operate and work through this Spirit or life-force.  They both live in us through this wonderful Spirit.  When we are “born again” of the Holy Spirit, both Elohim and Yahushua come to live within us through the Holy Spirit which is Elohim’s Spirit (Isa. 63:10, 11 and 14).

How wonderful it is have a proper understanding of the Deity.  How blessed we are to know who God (Yahuwah) and Jesus (Yahushua) are and to know what the Holy Spirit really is. Yahushua said to the Samaritan woman long ago:  “You worship you know not what:  we KNOW what (or Who) we worship" (John 4:22).  Millions today do not really know WHO they worship because they do not have a proper understanding of the Deity.  We are thankful that the mystery of the Deity can be revealed to those who are willing to lay aside human tradition and preconceived ideas and then humbly and prayerfully search the Scriptures seeking for nothing but the truth.  Let us rejoice in the light of this wonderful revelation!  Numbers 6:24-26.  “Seek and you shall find [the truth]” (Matt. 7:7).  If you do not seek you will not find and remain deceived for the Devil is deceiving the whole world (Rev. 12:9).  “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:32) from the deceptions of Satan. 

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